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Frequently Asked Questions

☼ How do I apply for a position at SBAHC ?
→ Please use our career page to check and apply for current vacancies, once you find a vacancy of interest you can upload your CV and relevant documents.

Simultaneously, you can also email your job application to sbahchr@sbahc.org.sa or you may also apply directly by walking in to our office and filling the employment application form.

☼ I have not received an automatic e-mail notification confirming the receipt of my application.
What should I do?
→ Please send an email to SBAHC’s recruitment team at sbahchr@sbahc.org.sa

☼ When can I expect to hear about the status of my application?
→ Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an automatic email notification confirming receipt of your application and candidates who are short-listed will be invited for interview.
We aim to do this within a 3-4 weeks period following your application. However, depending on the vacancy and number of applications, sometimes it might take us longer to get back to you.Also, due to the large volume of applications we receive daily, we may not be able to enter into correspondence with every applicant and cannot comment on the status of their application and please note that we do not provide specific reasons for declining.

☼ I want to work for SBAHC, but there are no relevant vacancies now. Can I send an application?
→ Yes, if you do not see a position that meets your career goals now, you can submit your CV on our email address sbahchr@sbahc.org.sa to be considered for the future vacancies.

☼ For how long will my candidate profile stay active?
→ We keep applicants profiles on our active files for up to 12 months, if you weren’t considered for a position within 12 months then you can update profile by resubmitting at any time.

☼ I have applied for a vacancy in the past. Do I need to re-submit my CV for a new vacancy?
→ If you wish to apply for a new vacancy, we suggest you submit your application for the selected position with a new cover letter explaining your interest in the new position. The existing data from your Candidate Profile as well as your existing CV will be included automatically in the application form.

☼ I have a very specific question which is not covered in this section. What can I do?
→ Please send an email to SBAHC’s recruitment team at sbahchr@sbahc.org.sa or call us for International Recruitment queries on Mobile: +966 555070980 & for Local Recruitment queries on Mobile: +966 555070930

☼ I would like to have an internship at SBAHC. Is that possible?
→ SBAHC offers internship opportunities for talented, enthusiastic and dynamic graduates. Which will allow interns to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in their field of expertise, for more details please visit our HR department or send us an email at sbahchr@sbahc.org.sa

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