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Staff Development Division

The coherence between staff empowerment and staff retention requires a staff-focused ideology. We provide our employees with continual opportunities to update their patient care competencies, and to further develop their language and computer skills. We also offer access to the most current knowledge in rehabilitation medicine, as well as state-of-the-art resources. These benefits in turn encourage staff to make individual, ongoing commitments to renewing their contracts with the City.

Rachid El Khoury,
DO Education Rehab Manager
Extension : 5620000 ext. 4035

Dina Mitra
Senior Clinical Instructor
Extension : 5620000 ext. 4040

Chooi Imm Teh
Senior Clinical Instructor
Extension : 5620000 ext. 4034

Anjutham Singaram
Clinical Instructor
Extension : 5620000 ext. 4032

Analyn Marinas
Computer Instructor/Data Analyst
Extension : 5620000 ext. 4014



All newly contracted employees attend, within a month from their date of hire, a comprehensive one day program presented by knowledgeable speakers from the City. Beginning with the history, mission, and vision of the City, the series of talks covers aspects of employment in the hospital including quality and risk management, environment of care, infection control, employee health and benefits, customer service, and concludes with a tour of the City.


New employees also spend their first few days onsite reviewing highlights of their work, such as the employee’s position description, the City’s policy and procedure, and standards for performance improvement, education, and safety, together with their immediate supervisor. The Staff Development Division monitors this activity and revises the requirements yearly to ensure currency and relevancy of information




The monthly Annual Updates program serves to both remind re-contracted staff of City objectives and goals, and to keep them informed of adjustments made to hospital operations during the previous year. Presented on the day following the General Orientation and attended by new staff as well, this program emphasizes emergency procedures, fire prevention, identification and handling of hazardous materials, and safe management of any special equipment employees may operate during their work.



To meet the needs of nursing staff and enhance their performance in patient care delivery, we collaborate with various departments to organize a wide range of programs and courses. In particular, these offerings serve to better prepare nurses to meet the challenges of nursing in a multi-cultural rehabilitation setting, and to keep them updated on current issues in nursing and related fields, thereby promoting their professional growth.

Among the programs organized and coordinated by Staff Development are

Nursing Orientation

We schedule a week-long, required Nursing Orientation course every month. Recently recruited nurses usually complete the curriculum, which emphasizes prior learning and facilitates adaptation to the City’s environment of quality care, within their first month of employment. We aim to assess certain core nursing competencies for continued safe and professional practice.

Preceptor Course


This course prepares selected Registered Nurses to be preceptors. It complements the Nursing Orientation program in that participants, after completing the course, would serve as preceptors, working alongside the new nursing recruits in the clinical areas. Preceptors provide guidance and support, and generally facilitate the transition and adaptation of the new nurses to their workplace and scope of responsibilities, thus ensuring safety and professionalism. During the course, participants receive input on the essence of preceptorship, the functions and responsibilities of a preceptor, and are taught the skills to be effective preceptors.



Rehabilitation Nursing Course

This specialty practice of nursing focuses on the care of those with disabilities and chronic disorders/conditions. A wide range of subject matter are covered to equip Registered Nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of caring for clients with a variety of disabling conditions, enabling nursing to make a positive contribution towards helping them and their families help themselves.

The Rehabilitation Nursing Course prepares nurses to be effective members of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team. Nurses work in close collaboration with the other team members to provide safe, coordinated and comprehensive care for improved patient outcomes.

Development of this course brings us a step closer to realizing our City vision: “To be an Internationally Recognized Center of Excellence in Rehabilitation and Related Healthcare Services.” Incidentally, this course is the only one of its kind available in the region.


Pain Management Course

Pain and suffering decrease quality of life, and unrelieved pain often interferes with patient’s compliance to care.

This short course provides nurses with knowledge on the multiple dimensions of pain and various modalities for managing pain, with particular emphasis on nurses’ role in pain management Participants gain a better understanding and appreciation of the pain experience, as well as the importance of appropriate and timely management of pain.




Other Courses

Continuing education in nursing also includes short courses, workshops, and presentations, which we organize based on the learning needs of our nurses. Among the topics we have covered are:


  • Intravenous Therapy
  • Basic Pediatric Physical Assessment
  • Wound Management
  • Bowel and Bladder Management
  • Nursing Documentation
  • Diabetic Management
  • Basic ECG Interpretation
  • Interpretation of Chest Radiograph
  • Nutrition Training Program for Healthcare Team

The Education and Staff Development Department develops and facilitates the implementation of rehab training programs. This includes staff competency standards and practice, performance improvement activities, instruction and teaching of mandatory annual, quarterly and newly developed projects. We also liaise with other City departments, and provide consultation to ensure effectiveness of programs. The Rehabilitation Education program involves local and international guest speakers in various medical and non-medical fields of expertise.


  1. Functional Outcome Measures or FIMS (Functional Independence Measures)
  2. Clinical Decisions in Stroke Rehabilitation
  3. Bobath Course
  4. Pain Management
  5. Mobilization of the Nervous System
  6. Manual Therapy, Spine and Pelvis Series
  7. Osteopathic Manipulative Approach of the Middle Cervical Spine (for physiatrists)
  8. The Craniovertebral Function: Predisposing Factors to Vascular Insult
  9. Dysphasia Program
  10. Case Study Presentations (Interdisciplinary)




Competence in resuscitation is vital in a healthcare setting, as skillful management of a cardiopulmonary arrest greatly increases the likelihood of the survivor’s rapid return to health. All patient-care employees at the City, therefore, receive training in Basic Life Support (BLS). Additionally, a variety of other programs have been developed to meet the needs of different kinds of employees. Each program has a theory component, skills demonstration, and hands-on practice sessions in the Skills Laboratory, after which our instructors assess participants’ level of learning and competence in the various modules.

1.Basic Life Support (BLS)

Initial Certification

Physicians, nurses, and therapists are required to take this course.


Recertification BLS Certified practitioners recertify before the validity of their certificates expire. Participants are updated on the latest guidelines and their skills in resuscitation are reassessed;

a theory assessment is also carried out.

2. BLS Instructor Training Course


Participants from BLS programs who have been identified as potential instructors, and who have been certified as BLS providers for at least 6 months, are encouraged to undergo this program. Candidates serve as trainee instructors for a predetermined period of time before being certified as instructors, and after sitting for an exam, are required to teach at least 4 CPR classes per year in order to maintain the Instructor status.


3. Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)


Staff working in critical care areas such as ICU, ER, and OR / RR, must take this course.


4. Pediatric Life Support (PALS)

Staff working in ER and Pediatric Units must take this course.

5. Community CPR

Staff that are assigned to patient care areas, but not directly involved in patient care, must take this course.


6. Heart Saver’s Program (HS)

Staff not involved in patient care may take this optional course.

These programs are developed based on the guidelines of the American Heart Association and are accredited annually by the Saudi Heart Association. Certificates are issued upon successful completion of the program, and are valid for two years.


The City utilizes English as the language for policy, documentation, and most official business. To support smooth communication at all levels, we seek to enhance shared features in the diverse language backgrounds of our multi-cultural staff by offering a selection of courses for sustained professional development and rapport-building, including the following

English for Business Communication

In this intermediate course, we will review general business language and activities in English. With attention to perfecting grammar, and emphasis on refining sentence clarity, we will practice professional socializing, telephoning, presenting, meeting, and preparing written documents

Medical Terminology 

Medical Terminology will provide intensive practice in medical word-building, spelling, abbreviating, and pronunciation to staff with intermediate English skills. In addition, we will work with the medical vocabulary as found in professional journals, case reports, and other common contexts

Advanced Medical English

Advanced Medical English will focus on developing your basic knowledge of medical terminology into fluent oral and written communication skills. In addition to reading, summarizing, and discussing journal articles, we will role-play case history scenarios, and will research, write, and present reports on unique and interesting aspects of healthcare today.

Writing Intensive

Good writers become good writers by writing daily, and by sharing their writing with other writers in a workshop environment. In this course we will practice the art of writing with an eye to creating professional documents. From idea to draft to revision to presentation, we will develop our individual writing processes and our ability to access a writer’s resources. Come prepared to focus, to write abundantly, and to enjoy.

Speaking Intensive

To speak skillfully and with integrity requires not only a distinct vocabulary, but also a certain inner clarity, and the ability to listen deeply. In this course we will practice listening and speaking well in a variety of challenging contexts. Throughout we will consider fluency issues, such as standardized pronunciation and word choice, conversation dynamics, and how to ask questions. Bring your unique voice and an open mind.

Intercultural Communication

We at the City originate from 26 ethnically-diverse nations. With a staff number of more than 1,000, we represent a vast body of experiential knowledge, both professional and cultural. This virtually unexplored terrain will provide the foundation for our workshop. Through active participation in brainstorming sessions, discussions, interviews, and presentations, we will consider practical ways for our daily communication to help create a unique City culture: one capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.



Our computer courses in Microsoft Office applications will assist secretaries, administrative assistants, ward clerks, and clinicians in renewing their skills in order to consistently produce high quality documents and presentations. In addition, we provide instruction in Adobe Photoshop. All classes are a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training, delivered in a well-maintained IT classroom with modern hardware and software.   


Counseling Education for Health Care Practitioners

CEHCP offers psychologists, nurses, and rehabilitation therapists the opportunity for developing professional skills to support their performance of whole-person, quality patient care. During this 20 hour course, we will consider a variety of theories and diagnostic tools, we will discuss readings from the case literature, and we will apply new methods in practice sessions with two real life cases.


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